We are a USA Company of ECO Conscious Adopters of "Affordable Energy Independence". By offering Ownership of Affordable Solar Powered Energy Systems to fulfill the electricity needs of the USA.

MyPowerMaker USA is based in Nazareth, PA and was founded in 2011 by Robert F. Del Nero. Our company consists of Independent Sales Associates (ISA), Independent Licensed and Certified Solar Installation Partner Companies (SIPC), and MyPowerMaker USA Administration (MPMUSA).

MyPowerMaker USA and its Partners actively strive to honestly be the USA solar industry leader of making Solar Powered Energy the number one source of energy to fulfill everyone's electricity needs where ever possible.

We believe the sun is the most powerful untapped source of energy that can never be depleted.

We are extremely fanatical about the creation and development our unique concept that will undoubtedly offer an affordable and honest solution for more American Home and/or Business Owners than ever before! Affordable Energy Independence and MyPowerMaker USA are making Solar Power the #1 Energy Source in the USA!!

What We Do and How we do it...
The customer begins the process by clicking the QUOTE REQUEST tab and submitting contact information. After submitting the request, the customer will receive an auto response with details of what to expect and what is needed from the customer to complete the Quote Request.

The process begins with the ISA offering FREE Quotes for solar energy systems either with Installation or as DIY projects to home and/or business owners throughout the USA. The ISA only gathers the necessary information as per the "Customer Quote Request" provided to the ISA through MPMUSA.

Once the ISA completes the customer quote request, that gathered information is submitted to the MPMUSA secured and encrypted database. The ISA does not have the authority to make deals or sales of solar energy systems for MPMUSA but may from time to time, follow up on the progress being made between the customer and the SIPC.

Once the Customer Quote Request information is stored in the MPMUSA Database, the quote request is then assigned to up to two SIPCs to fulfil individual FREE Customer Quotes for a solar energy system and installation according to the information that was submitted to MPMUSA.

From there, the customer and the SIPCs will discuss the details of the quotes and the customer will decide if solar energy and the IPC is the right choice for their individual solar energy needs and situation. It will be up to the customer to decide which IPC they will want to proceed with if they so desire.

Any contract for the purchase and installation of a solar energy system will be made between the customer and the SIPC. MPMUSA only wholesales solar energy systems and components to our SIPCs.

The best part of allowing MPMUSA the opportunity to serve your solar energy need is that the customer will be purchasing a solar energy system at wholesale pricing through the SIPC! This is how a larger portion of the homeowners and business owners will be able to afford to make the transition to solar powered energy. We strive to make Energy Independence Available on a much larger than ever scale... MAKING Solar Energy the #1 energy source OF THE USA.

MyPowerMaker USA Corporation
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Nazareth, PA 18064